Zodiac Series - Pisces Limited Edition Functional Bundle Extras

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"Add some celestial charm to your planner with our Zodiac Series - Pisces Limited Edition Bundle! These functional stickers are perfect for keeping your Pisces self organized and on track. With this bundle, you'll feel like a fish in water!"

Addon pages are good for any size planner!! 

There are three papers available for all these addons.  Our normal high quality bright white sticker paper or the super thin and soft Premium Matte Thin paper. This paper is PERFECT for the Hobo Cousin because the paper is so thin and flexible so obviously I recommend that one, though it does have a small upcharge. It is also available on clear matte paper.  They are a handmade product so can vary in small amounts from set to set. Additionally, please note that colors may vary from monitor to monitor.




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